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CROATIAN SHIPOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION MARE NOSTRUM was founded on 5 February 1991 on the initiative of 14 shipping companies under the name Mare Nostrum – Croatian maritime shipping company with limited liability.  It acted as a company until 2000 when it was transformed into an association.

Presently Mare Nostrum assembles eleven members – the leading Croatian shipping companies who manage 127 vessels with a total of  1.510.607 GT and 2.419.589 DWT.

Croatian Register of Shipping is an associate member of Mare Nostrum.

Shipping is one of the most important maritime economy sectors, therefore the Association acts as a natural forum for “Blue Cluster” members, a central point for discussion and reflection on all relevant issues regarding the development of the shipping and related industries.

Shipping one of the most important sectors of the maritime economy, so the natural association gathering forum for "Blue Cluster", a central point for reflection and discussion on all relevant issues of development of the shipping industry and related industries.

The purpose of the Association is to create favourable business conditions and to promote the interests of the Croatian shipping companies before proper national authorities, in cooperation with similar associations, before the authorities of the European Union.  

The aim of the Association is to create favourable business conditions and promote the interests of Croatian shipping company before the competent national authorities, in cooperation with similar associations, before the bodies of the European Union.

The Association participates in the drafting of the national maritime affairs legislation and implementation of the international standards in particular with regards to the International Maritime Organization- IMO and to International Labour Organization -ILO.

As the shipowners’ association, Mare Nostrum is a responsible social partner in negotiations with the trade unions and relevant government bodies.

Mare Nostrum is a member of ECSA. (The European Community Shipowners' Associations)

Within the tab ''Statistics'', you can find latest fleet structure of CSA Mare Nostrum members.

News and events

Travelling at zero net CO2 emissions: an Interreg project tells how

How can we estimate the CO2 emissions related to a research project? How can we offset them? The Italy – Croatia Interreg GUTTA project finds a way to successfully implement an EU project with zero net travel emissions.


Key wind-assist propulsion installation starts North Sea operations

During the docking of the MV Ankie of Jan van Dam Shipping in January 2020 at the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard, the first retrofit eConowind Ventifoil wind-assist system was installed. 


Happy Easter!


Golar Viking Management - Associate Member of the Croatian Shipowners’ Association Mare Nostrum

On April 2, 2020, Croatian Shipowners’ Association Mare Nostrum welcomed one more associate member into the Association, Golar Viking Management Ltd.

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