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28. veljače 2017.

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Humanitarian crisis in Mediterranean sea

The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean Sea is spiralling out of control. According to UNHCR, at least 3,500 people lost their lives during 2014 while attempting to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa. There is a terrible risk of further catastrophic loss of life as ever-more desperate people attempt this deadly sea crossing.

ICS Highlights Ocean Governance Issues at Important United Nations Meeting

In New York today (7 April), the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) represented global shipowners at an important United Nations meeting, having been invited to speak as a panellist as part of the UN Inter Consultative Process on the Law of Sea.  


Today, in the premises of the Mare Nostrum Association, a first round of negotiations to amend the National collective agreement for seafarers in international navigation was held. At the meeting , the negotiating committee of Mare Nostrum presented a shipping negotiation platform. The negotiating positions of the Seafarers' Union will be delivered within the next week, and the next meeting is scheduled for 10 February 2015.

The negotiations took place in a spirit of social partnership and we hope that the next round of negotiations will be also successfully completed.

European Shipping Week

European Shipping Week will take place over the course of the week of 2-6 of March 2015 and will feature a variety of events. European Shipping Week is intended to be a platform where policy-makers from the main EU institutions will meet and engage with European shipowners and other stakeholders from the shipping sector. The focus will be on shipping, in all its different aspects.

Mare Nostrum

Welcome to the Mare Nostrum Web Page

CROATIAN SHIPOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION MARE NOSTRUM  was founded in 1991.  Mare Nostrum has 10 members - the most important Croatian shippers - who manage 138 vessels with a total of 1.68 million gross tons. The main purpose of the Association is to promote shipping interests, to advocate for satisfactory and competitive shipping conditions as to encourage a safe, reliable and valuable shipping. As an association of employers we participate in social dialogues with other social partners and are a signatory of the National Collective Agreement for Croatian Seafarers.  

Croatian Ship Registry is an associate member of Mare Nostrum.

Mare Nostrum is a member of the European Community Shipowners' Association. 

Mare Nostrum functions through its assembly, supervisory, working bodies (the commission), and its directorate.

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Croatia - GloBallast National Global Industry Alliance (GIA) Conference on Ballast Water Management

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