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DG CLIMA and EMSA organized a webinar on the topic of EU ETS

On March 18, 2024, the director of the Croatian Shipowners' Association Mare Nostrum, together with other representatives of our Association, participated in a webinar organized by the Directorate General of the European Commission for Climate Policy (DG CLIMA) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

The webinar presented in detail all the prerequisites for achieving compliance with the obligations from the EU ETS system, and above all, the practical steps related to opening the so-called holding account (Maritime Operator Holding Account) in the Registry of the Union, the opening of which is a prerequisite for fulfilling obligations from the EU ETS system in order to deposit emission units on it. The members of Mare Nostrum, which are EU ETS bonds, submitted all the necessary documentation to the relevant authorities on time and within the open deadline.


Meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Community Shipowners' Association

On March 5 and 6, 2024, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Community Shipowners' Association (ECSA) was held, attended by Mrs. Ivona Anić Miklec, director of HUB Mare Nostrum and Mr. Marko Domijan, president of the HUB Mare Nostrum Assembly.

Together with colleagues from 21 national associations of shipowners from EU member states and Norway, they discussed all current topics in the field of shipping as well as proposals for new EU legislative acts that are currently being discussed under the auspices of the EU Council and the European Parliament.

In the spirit of the upcoming elections at the EU level, the preparation of the European Commission's program for its new five-year mandate was imposed as a logical topic. In this sense, the representatives of Mare Nostrum emphasized that it is crucial that the European Commission works in the new period to maintain and further strengthen the competitiveness of European shipping companies in relation to competitors from third countries, especially bearing in mind the new administrative, technical and financial obligations that imposed on the sector in order to achieve the Union's ambitious goals in the area of reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. Mare Nostrum advocates that a part of the money collected through the trading of emission units within the EU ETS system, be returned directly to the shipping sector and directed to the financing of the greening of the fleet. We believe that European shipowners will overcome all the challenges ahead of them in unity and synergy.


22nd Meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Shipowners' Association Mare Nostrum

Under the newly elected leadership of the Supervisory Board - Mr. Nikola Koščica from Tankerska plovidba d.d. and with the members of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Robert Banko from Alpha Adriatic d.d. and Mr. Vicenco Jerković from Atlantska plovidba d.d. as well as with the presence of Mr. Roman Balta, a long-time associate of the Accounting Association Biro Balta d.o.o. and the leadership of the Association, on February 29, 2024, the 22nd session of the Supervisory Board of HUB Mare Nostrum was held in the Association's premises.

The session was dedicated to the verification of the Association's financial and material operations during the past year, which was assessed as orderly, so the discussion continued in the direction of the upcoming obligations of the Association and the financial and material operations planned in 2024.


124th Session of the Assembly of the Croatian Shipowners' Association Mare Nostrum

On February 16, 2024, in the premises of the relevant Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the 124th session of the Assembly of the Croatian Shipowners' Association Mare Nostrum was held, the first session since the arrival of the new director in the Association.

The goal of the session was, after reviewing the work of the Association in the previous period, to adopt the Work Plan and Financial Plan for the work of the Association in 2024, as well as to discuss all current topics related to shipping and the work of the Association in general.

Following the above, the Association's plan in the coming period is to modernize some internal work processes, digitize the Association's work and introduce paperless operations, and in addition to the above, work on strengthening the Association's international identity and its cooperation with other related associations, primarily through strengthening the position of Mare Nostrum in the Association of European Community Shipowners (ECSA).

Today, Mare Nostrum has 10 members, among which are the largest shipping companies from the Republic of Croatia, which employ over 3,000 seafarers. In the challenging geopolitical circumstances in which the world finds itself today, as well as in the conditions of the green and digital transition of the entire EU economy, the main goal of the Association is to create economic and social conditions for the development of safe, competitive, quality and sustainable shipping by advocating for competitive employment conditions, safety of life and work on board, favorable financing conditions for the green transition and business in general.

Following the above, at the meeting of the Association, among other things, issues related to:

- EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) - current affairs

- the situation in the Red Sea - attacks by the Hutts

- removal of municipal waste (solid and liquid) from ships in Croatian seaports - comparison of Croatian and Italian tariffs

- cooperation with the Croatian Association of Employers and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

- tax per tonnage

- Rulebook on the conditions and manner of maintaining a watch, and performing other tasks on board that ensure safe navigation and protection of the sea from pollution

- Act on transportation in regular and occasional coastal maritime transport - new law and by-laws.

Mrs. Paula Vidović, director of the Agency for Coastal Liner Maritime Transport and representatives of the relevant Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure - Mrs. Marijana Iviček, head of the Sector for Maritime Economy and president of the Administrative Council of the Agency for Coastal Liner Maritime Transport, Mrs. Jana Borić, also took part in the session. head of the Legislation Service and Mr. Tomislav Budić, senior expert advisor for issues of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transport from the Maritime Administration, who also gave a presentation to those present on the topic of Regulation (EU) 2023/1805 (Fuel EUMaritime) for which the Republic of Croatia in the obligation to ensure the prerequisites for its direct implementation, for which purpose the Ministry in question will establish a working group in which the participation of representatives of Mare Nostrum is also planned.